LiFePO4 Smart BMS 16S 250A (48V) with BT

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For what?

The BMS (Battery Management System) or battery monitoring system is the "brain" of the system. It monitors and protects the battery against under- and over-charging and balances the lithium cells.

The BMS keeps track that all LiFePO4 cells that you connect to a 48V lithium battery do not overcharge (58.4V), or draw too much current from the cells (40V) and balance the cells at the same level if there is an imbalance between the LiFePO4 cells in your 48V lithium battery. This optimizes and extends the life of the cells in the battery.

This is a LiFePO4 Smart BMS that can be communicated with via bluetooth.

The LiFePO4 Smart BMS 16S 250A is for connecting 16 LiFePO4 3.2V cells to a 48V lithium battery.

Shipping and delivery management

Delivery takes place with DHL within 2-3 working days. Shipped directly from our warehouse in Borås quickly to your home.

Technical characteristics

Model: Standard BMS 16S 250A

Volt charge: 58.4V

Loading: 150A

Voltage: 48V

Capacity: 250A

Dimensions: 257x130x52mm

Lithium batteries weigh less

~70% lighter than standard lead batteries. Save weight for what you actually want to bring.

You get a longer lifespan of your batteries

Our cells are factory tested and balanced for best performance and longevity, ~3500 charge cycles.

Free up precious space

Lithium takes less volume per usable ampere. About 7x less even.

Customize to your specific needs

Build out your battery system however you want, without being limited by a battery housing.