The idea of ​​BatteryGO was born a long time ago. Like many
other ideas it arose in frustration. Why was it so difficult as a Swede to buy good, high-quality batteries that you can assemble yourself and adapt to
own need? Frustration turned into action and today we as a family have been running BatteryGO since 2019.

We have always enjoyed moving best, whether it was at sea or on the roads. The freedom to travel independently of the outside world and set up camp wherever you want is the best thing we know. We, and many with us, want to live like this and then we need reliable batteries. Therefore, it has felt obvious to help others find a simple and reliable solution in a jungle of brands, battery types and charging solutions.

Bild på familjen hammar, ägare av företaget BatteryGO som säljer och ger expertis inom litiumbatterier, LifePo4, Daly Smart BMS:r, m.m. Vi har fakta om solceller och hur man lagrar energi på ett effektivt sätt med hjälp av LifePo4 batterier.

Why BatteryGO?

We have been looking for good batteries and service, as well as missing answers to the questions we had about installation; How does it work in my boat or motorhome? What do you need to think about? How do I connect a lithium battery with BMS? Do I need to change the charger? When should I use a DC/DC? How does it work with my generator? When we couldn't get answers to our questions, Batterygo started, to dispel the myths and provide facts and reliable batteries. Changing to our LiFePO4 batteries is not complicated and you do not need to change the generator, charger or many other parts of your electrical system.