12V BatteryGO Litiumbatteri 160AH

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För vem? 

12V BatteryGO litiumbatteri 160AH passar utmärkt till dig som i husbil eller båt vill kunna fricampa/ligga i naturhamn en natt eller två.

  • 4 st LiFePO4 3,2V 160AH litiumceller
  • 1 st LiFePO4 Smart BMS 4S 150A (1800W)
  • Bluetooth med app både för Iphone & Android
  • Alla inställningar i BMS'n är gjorda från fabrik
  • Klart att installeras direkt
Shipping and delivery management

Delivery takes place with DHL within 2-3 working days. Shipped directly from our warehouse in Borås quickly to your home.

Technical characteristics

Model: 12V 160AH Batterygo Litiumbatteri

Loading: 160A

Dimensions (LxWxH): 340x180x220 mm

Weight: 12,5kg

Charging cycles: 4000 st

Max discharge: 160A

Min voltage: 10V

Normal voltage:

Max voltage: 14,6V

Capacity: 160AH

Lithium batteries weigh less

~70% lighter than standard lead batteries. Save weight for what you actually want to bring.

You get a longer lifespan of your batteries

Our cells are factory tested and balanced for best performance and longevity, ~3500 charge cycles.

Free up precious space

Lithium takes less volume per usable ampere. About 7x less even.

Customize to your specific needs

Build out your battery system however you want, without being limited by a battery housing.