Inverter - charger 24V 3000W

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Inverter - Charger CM3.0M

For who?

TBB Power Inverter charger is suitable for boats, motorhomes and off-grid solutions, also works as a UPS (Uninterrupted power supply). When the inverter is not in use, it goes into sleep mode. Then the power consumption is very small, this characteristic is above all good for a pure solar panel system.

High quality low frequency Inverter charger. All TBB Power inverter chargers produce a true sine curve, equivalent to mains electricity and in many cases better than the fixed mains. Built for the most demanding and sensitive electrical equipment. Built-in charger that charges the boat's or motorhome's batteries, both consumption bank/living room batteries and starter battery, so you don't need an extra charger.

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Power Control & Power Assist

Electricity control means that you can adjust the number of amperes that may be consumed. Is useful for poles or shore current sockets that are fused to, for example, 6A, then you avoid the fuse from tripping. Also good function if you use a generator and can match the capacity between generator and inverter. Electric assistance means that if you set the inverter down to e.g. 6A and have a consumer that draws more, kettle, microwave, AC, coffee maker, then the inverter takes help from the battery and supplies your equipment with the right amperes for it to work. This happens completely automatically. The inverter can set from 5A to 32A.

Separate screen

A separate screen follows, where you can change settings for monitoring battery, charge and input-output volts and amps. The big advantage of a separate screen is that the Inverter – Charger can be installed in an inaccessible place, but you still have access to all settings and data inside the boat or motorhome via the screen.

Technical characteristics

Model: IL 24V 3000W
Own power consumption: 12W
Charging voltage: 27V - 29.2V
Loading Stream: 5A - 90A
Min voltage: 21V
Max voltage: 34V
Normal voltage: 24V
Capacity: 3000W (6000W)
Dimensions: 510 x 245 x 135 mm

Shipping and delivery management

Delivery takes place with DHL within 2-3 working days. Shipped directly from our warehouse in Borås quickly to your home.

Lithium batteries weigh less

~70% lighter than standard lead batteries. Save weight for what you actually want to bring.

You get a longer lifespan of your batteries

Our cells are factory tested and balanced for best performance and longevity, ~3500 charge cycles.

Free up precious space

Lithium takes less volume per usable ampere. About 7x less even.

Customize to your specific needs

Build out your battery system however you want, without being limited by a battery housing.