Package 4 - Lithium Battery 24V 105AH with Smart BMS 24V 150A

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Mounting: Build your own kit

For who?

Package 4 is perfect for those of you who want to be able to free camp/lay in a natural harbor for three or four days in a motorhome or boat.

Package 4 consists of:

  • 8 pcs LiFePO4 3.2V 105AH lithium cells
  • 1 pc Smart BMS (with Bluetooth) 8S 150A
  • Screws, nuts, pole bridge and cables for BMS, incl. Bluetooth dongle
  • Kapton tape is included to facilitate assembly.

Buy pre-assembled to have your battery built by one of our professionals, or easily assemble your own.

There is no picture of the fully assembled package, but it is of course possible to get it fully assembled.

Shipping and delivery management

Delivery takes place with DHL within 2-3 working days. Shipped directly from our warehouse in Borås quickly to your home.

Technical characteristics

Model: LiFePO4 25.6V 120AH

Capacity: 105AH

Normal voltage: 25.6V

Max voltage: 29.2V

Min voltage: 20.0V

Charging cycles: 3500 pcs

Weight: 26 kg

Package dimensions (LxWxH): 174x394x170 mm

Operating temperature: -30°C - 60°C (When discharging)

Charging temperature: 0°C - 60°C

Quality: Grade A (Brand new cells)

Measured depth discharge: 0%

Lithium batteries weigh less

~70% lighter than standard lead batteries. Save weight for what you actually want to bring.

They have a longer lifespan

Our cells are factory tested and balanced for best performance and longevity, ~3500 charge cycles.

Free up precious space

Lithium takes less volume per usable ampere. About 7x less even.

Customize according to your needs

Build out your battery system however you want, without being limited by a battery housing.

LifePO4 is safe

Our lithium batteries charge quickly without getting hot or creating unwanted gases.

There is no acid, lead or other toxic substances.

They are built safely and stably, and therefore cannot explode or catch fire in case of overcharging, short circuit or collision.

Does not react with moisture or oxygen.